Santorini , Thira : One of the most beautiful islands of the world!

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Thira, Santorini Island Cyclades Greece

Thira or Santorini is one special island of Cyclades complex. The island of Santorini is shaped by the sinking of the volcano's caldera. It is located between island of Ios and island of Anafi and covers 76 sq km with 69km of coastline. It is 200 nautical miles away from Piraeus and connection to the island is made both with airplane and ship at a daily basis. At summer there are also local transportation between the other Cyclades Islands ( Ios , Paros, Naxos, Myconos ). The Capital is the village of Fira and main port is Athinios port. Santorini has about 10.000 permanent citizens and is a mostly picturesque island for any kind of vacations.

Thira or Santorini at about 1500 B.C. was almost destroyed by the famous volcano eruption which didn't  interrupt islands inhabitants but stopped economic growth and prosperity. The island of santorini has its unique architecture. Houses with domes, many small windows and the colors of blue and white define santorini's unique architecture. Major villages that a visitor should visit is Fira, Hmerovigli, Oia, Akrotiri, Emporio, Messaria etc. From Fira you can take the boat to visit the volcano and see the dead and warm soil and visit both Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni. You can also visit the small island of Thirasia with a boat 4 nautical miles from Oia. Multiple beaches of rare beauty are available for visiting, navigate through the menu to photos and beaches to see them all!

Why is Santorini Special ?

Thira or Santorini is a pure volcanic island and its soil consists of volcanic materials. At west the island of santorini is steep and rocky and on the east there are fertile plains. The only mountain of thira is Profitis Ilias with height 565m. In the ancient times the island was called ( Stroggili , Circular ) most possibly due to the shape of the island and was also named ( Kallisti ) and was inhabited by ancient Greeks called Foinikes.

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